Donors may request a tax certificate for their donations and this may be for each donation or a consolidated certificate at year end.


If you are registered as a PBO you can send tax deductible receipts or tax certificates to donors.

DevMan provides for the option to issue individual certificates on each donation or consolidated tax certificates at year-end.




Issue tax certificateIssue a tax certificate


Bulk method of printing tax certificatesBulk generate tax certificates


Bulk method of printing taxt certificatesPrint a batch of generated certificates.


hmtoggle_arrow1Cancel a tax certificate



Note: You cannot print a single tax certificate if you have checked the Consolidated tax certificate box on the donation details page.


1.Search for and select your project, or go to Finance > Donations > View, and select your donation from the grid.


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2.In the Donation details screen, go to View > Activities.


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3.In the recent reminders screen, select Tax Certificate by clicking on the grid.


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4.In the reminder details screen, click Complete to complete this reminder i.e. send a tax certificate.  (Ensure that you have an addressee (By), if not, click Add, search for and select your details, or the details of the person on whose behalf you are sending the letter.)


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5.In the Letter screen ensure that all the details are correct. If you wish to change the letter you can edit in full screen. To print, go to Print preview > Letter > To Adobe Acrobat / Microsoft Word.  If you wish to email your tax certificate, see Email a letter.


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6.If enabled, a unique number will automatically be generated for each tax certificate printed. This number will appear on the Donation details screen.


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