Funds are often best raised on behalf of a specific project.

Once a need is identified, a proposal is put to the fundraising unit.  Once this proposal has been assessed, it may be declined or approved.  

The number of procedural / decision making steps in this process is determined by each organisation and set up under the project life cycle.

Examples include:

In concept

Decision pending (decline, approval, other).

Under approach

Funding milestones (partially, fully etc)

Closure or renewal


Add (capture) a proposal


Change a project status (Approve, decline)


You may link beneficiaries to your project, so that you can track who has benefited from funding received – whether from a bursary, a training programme or learnership, a feeding scheme or jobs created etc.


Once you have captured your projects, you may wish to print Project reports.


Project life-cycleWhat is a project life-cycle and what is workflow?


Some suggestion when adding a new proposalWork with projects and proposals


New proposal:        

Some suggestion when adding a new proposalOverview


hmtoggle_arrow1New proposal


hmtoggle_arrow1Quick capture page


Some suggestion when adding a new proposalDecline a project


Project statusChange project status


Change parentChange the parent organisation for a project



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