Successful fundraising includes a number of cardinal activities all centred around the most important thing - your donors and your relationship with them.

Donations may come from donor organisations but relationships are built only with people - donors.

You need to study them, get to know as much as you can about them.

You can build demographic profiles of them on DevMan so your fundraising is more effective.

DevMan can assist you to categorise "flag" them and build graphic data views (charts/dashboards).


Give priority to your solicitation procedures and look for and implement good practices.

Before an approach is made, identify prospects using well-thought out criteria. Make up a short list of these organisations or people.

Do thorough research and record this in DevMan, then approach the prospect, either personally or through correspondence.  

All interactions and research information should be recorded (even if not successful) about the prospective donor.

You may need to try again and the records you have may be the difference the next time. See preparation checklist.


You may find it helpful to group these down in at least these phases:

Identification - Includes research to identify prospects i.e. decide who you will approach and what you ask them to give.

Approach - Build relationship, engage with the prospect and prepare to ask.

Solicitation - Asking for donations - perhaps regular small amounts or once-off large gifts.

Cultivation - Some prefer to put Approach and Solicitation into this one phase.

Stewardship - Maintaining and developing ongoing relationships with donors.


Go to Managing financials for help on: Giving plans, donations,  tax certificates (and pledges - still in use by

a few organisations).


With it's Approach, Project and interactions pages you cultivate and solicit funds  for your projects.










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