Capture donations directly and if required, send a thank you letter to the donor.


Thanking your donors for each gift and issuing tax certificates with very little admin is vital.

Devman lets you capture donation data including the donor’s name, contact details and project the gift is intended for.

Other important information may include donation type, payment method, fundraising mechanism and other categories pertinent to your organisation.

Drawing reports and viewing dashboards is all available when you use Devman to capture all your donations.




You can add donations from either the donor (person or organisation) or directly from the donation.

The Donation details screen (at bottom) is common for either donation source


hmtoggle_arrow1 Donation capture from the donor (person or organisation)

hmtoggle_arrow1 Donation capture from the donation page

hmtoggle_arrow1Donation details screen (fields common for both above)


When finished click Save > Save and close, or Save > Save and stay on page, if you wish to send an immediate (once-off) tax certificate.

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