Your contacts - organisation, person or proposal (project), bursary and the interactions with them are a vital part of your daily activity.

Firstly you will want to enter their names and contact details but you will want also do other things with contacts such as:

Link contacts

Search for one or more


Run a report




Once you have entered an organisation's contact information, this page allows you to view a summary of an organisation's important data:

finances such as donations, commitments, and tax certificates.

people who are linked to the organisation.

a useful history of your interactions with them, such as reminders, correspondence, progress reports, events and mail-shots.

links to all the proposals and projects, historic and current, and the status of these projects.


DevMan allows you to group or categorise your contacts. These options vary according to your needs and can be configured.


It is important to know the relationship between persons, organisations and projects.

DevMan allows for contacts to be linked to each other in many-to-many relationships.

For example:

organisational hierarchies

organisational affiliations


personal relationships such as family and friends, etc.


hmtoggle_arrow1Current contact touch point status


hmtoggle_arrow1Need for accuracy


hmtoggle_arrow1Contact data capture and bulk input


Working with organisations.

Working with persons.

Working with proposals.

Interactions - You can record interactions with your contacts .

Dossier - Click on attach documents to link documents with contacts

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