The administration and management of a bursary programme can be labour-intensive and time consuming.

DevMan's easy to use yet comprehensive bursary module reduces the challenge.

This guide presents the steps in a typical bursary life-cycle from application to  completion.


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By linking beneficiaries to a project, you can track who has benefited from funding received – whether from a bursary, a training programme, a feeding scheme or jobs created etc.


When capturing a beneficiary, a Person profile is created, this allows you to capture more details on their profile, which in turn enables you to communicate with your beneficiaries either by SMS or email. These are excellent tools if you wish to congratulate learners on their results, wish them well for exams etc.  You can also link them to an event.  Additionally, you can allocate a beneficiary to more than one project and view their history.  


Organisations can also be linked to a project as beneficiaries, however you will need to add the organisation to the database first.


With the help of the new beneficiary life-cycle you can now track your bursary applicant's progress.  From Application received through to decline or approved, and failed or passed.  You can also send out letters linked to each of these phases, such as approval and declined letters.


Add beneficiary recordAdd a beneficiary record


Edit beneficiary recordEdit a beneficiary record (includes help on how to change the beneficiary status, and how to send letters)


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