Macro Budgets


It is important to load your budgets before capturing any pledges or payments.


Some budgets are relatively simple, with one lump sum that is available to spend over a certain period of time.  Other budgets are very complex, and may be broken down into different departments, regions or focus areas.  You can load the budget of more than one organisation and up to three budget descriptions (levels) on the system.


An example of a budget is below:




To set up a budget on DevMan is a fairly complex task, and you may need to contact the DevMan Team to help you enter your budget.


You can view a budget, enabling you to assess how much has been pledged, how much has been paid, and what funds are still available to be disbursed. You can also print a budget report.


Micro Budgets (project budgets)


Often when funds are allocated to a project, the full amount is broken down into various budget items.  For example, part of the money for a project may be allocated to administration, transport and printing costs.  If you would like to record this information about your project, you need to have the option enabled on your system, so please contact us.


Once your budget categories have been set up on DevMan for you, you can create your project budget, edit it and print reports.


By viewing a budget you can see what funds are still available to be disbursed.

View budgetView a budget


Print budget reportPrint a budget report


Budget dashboardBudget dashboard


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