For your convenience attaching documents has been made easier with these enhancements:

Inline attach mode  

Attaching more than one file in a single step (multi-file attaching).

Now just another activity type the dossier facility is easy to use!

Available in all places where it's needed.


When attached(uploaded) successfully the name and extension of the attached files will display as shown here. You can save and exit, knowing the attachment is safely in Development Manager database.


Open any entity (organisation, person or project), email or activity to which you want to attach a document be it a photo, word or excel file, bitmap or other graphic file  etc. and follow these steps here:


hmtoggle_arrow1Add dossier file


hmtoggle_arrow1Add many attachments in one operation.


hmtoggle_arrow1Upload more than one file.


hmtoggle_arrow1Several attachments to view


DossierWhy can't I open a dossier?

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