You identify organisations or individuals as prospects to approach to solicit donations.

You may also arrange to hold an event in order to raise funds.(See the events module in DevMan.)

These opportunities, also known as Approaches, can be captured and managed effectively and easily in DevMan.

Each approach is linked to the prospect associated with it.

All interactions and research information should be recorded about the prospective donor.

Documents in electronic format such as MS-Word, MS-Excel, PDF, JPG, can be uploaded as a dossier.

Reminders can also be set - these will appear on your home page when due for action.

DevMan allows you to manage the cultivation of prospects using an approach life-cycle or milestone.

Click here to manage your approaches.


Before adding an approach to a project ensure that the details of the Organisation or Person that you are approaching are on the system.  If not, add an organisation or add a person.


Add approachAdd an approach


View approachView an approach


Approach statusChange the status of an approach


Manage ApproachManage your approaches

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